Wedding Gown Conditions

Determining the condition of a wedding gown can be somewhat subjective which is why we have come up with a rating system, marking each gowns condition as “New,” “Excellent,” “Good,” “Fair,” or “Poor” in an effort to provide as much information on each of our wedding gowns as possible. If the condition is rated as “New” this means the gown is brand new, tags attached, and never been worn. Any of the other condition ratings will have varying degrees of defects or need repairs that are explained below.


Minor defects (and/or repairs by a seamstress) might include (but are NOT limited to): replacing the hook and eye, replacing missing buttons, repairing snags/minor stains, reattaching a spaghetti strap, tightening loose beads, etc.


Major repairs/defects might include replacing a zipper, having the gown professionally cleaned, needing more extensive alterations on the gown and any of the minor repairs/defects mentioned above. This is not necessarily an all-inclusive list but includes some of the most common flaws. We want our customers to be comfortable with their purchase decision and therefore, we are happy to provide additional, style specific, information at your request. Please understand that once a gown is purchased ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.